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If your heating system doesn't work efficiently, we are available to help 24/7. Call us at our local phone number for the same day heating and furnace repair in Chicago:

773 932-0078

For parts only: 800-370-9281

Please note that all purchased heating and furnace parts are shipped directly to you

We repair the following heating brands:

American Standard Heating Units
Armstrong Heating Units
Modern Maid Heating Units
Bell & Gossett Heating Units
Andis Heating Units
Coldman Heating Units
AO Smith Heating Units
AP Wagner Heating Units
Aprilaire Heating Units
Arco-Aire Heating Units
Arctic Circle Heating Units
Heil Heating Units
Arvn Heating Units
Lennox Heating Units
Comfort-Aire Heating Units
Ruud Heating Units
GE Heating Units
Norge Heating Units
Payne Heating Units
Quasar Heating Repairs
Bard Heating Repairs
and many more view the rest

Our heating and furnace service areas includes entire the Chicago and surrounding areas

Chicago Heating Repairs
Edison Park Heating Repairs
Cicero Heating Repairs
Berwyn Heating Repairs
Stickney Heating Repairs
Oak Park Heating Repairs
Riverside Heating Repairs
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Northlake Heating Repairs
Palos Heights Heating Repairs
Oak Forest Heating Repairs
Edgewater Heating Repairs
Chicago Lawn Heating Repairs
East Side Heating Repairs
Maywood Heating Repairs
Berwyn Heating Repairs
Blue Island Heating Repairs
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Hickory Hills Heating Repairs

East Chicago Heating Repairs
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Calumet Heights Heating Repairs
Calumet City Heating Repairs
Chicago Heights Heating Repairs
Chicago Heating Repairs
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Oakland Heating Repairs
Archer Hights Heating Repairs
North Lawndale Heating Repairs
Riverside Heating Repairs
Bucktown Heating Repairs
Countryside Heating Repairs
Bedford Park Heating Repairs
Bridgeport Heating Repairs
Near South Side Heating Repairs
Kenwood Heating Repairs
Rolling Meadows Heating Repairs
Elgin Heating Repairs
Evanston Heating Repairs
Harvey Heating Repairs

And more view the rest of the Chicago heating and furnace repair areas we service

For your Chicago heating repair appointment call us 24/7 at our local number:

773 932-0078

Or send an heating repair appointment request online at Please include your name, phone number and a very brief summary of your dishwasher problem. As soon as we received your heating repair appointment request we will contact you immediately.

View the heating efficiency and service tips below, which will help you to reduce your utility bill and prevent your heating and furnace system from needing future repairs. However, if you need to deal with electricity in order for your problem to be fixed, for your own safety we strongly suggest that you DON'T do heating repairs on your own. It can be costly and dangerous for your to do electrical work yourself, so please leave it to a professional who is trained and experienced with this type of issue. Call us today to make an heating service or repair appointment at:

773 932-0078

The severity of the local climate has a lot to do with how comfortable your home is, but a number of other factors also play essential roles. A well-insulated, fairly airtight structure is the first prerequimte. Properly sized and well-maintained heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are close seconds.
Comfort audit. If your home is less comfortable than you would like it, do a thorough assessment of the structure. Your local utility heating company may provide a free or low-cost energy audit (some utilities even use heat-sensitive infrared video scanners, which show how a home is losing, heat). If this service is not available, do your own audit by moving through your home and searching out all drafts, cold (or hot) surfaces, improper humidity, and stale air.

Drafts are caused by indoor air that loses its heat to windows and exterior walls; the colder and taller the surfaces, the faster the drafts move. When you sit near cold surfaces, you radiate heat to them; the colder the surface, the faster you radiate and the more uncomfortable you feel. Sitting beneath an annulated hot ceiling in July has the opposite effect; even if the air is cool, the ceiling will radiate heat and cause discomfort.

Remedies. Insulating your house and adding weather-stripping and storm windows or double-glazed sashes help warm or cool interior surfaces and cut down on drafts. If a home is too dry in winter and too humid in summer, the culprit may be excessive air leakage. Cutting down on leaks by caulking openings and taping ducts may increase wintertime indoor humidity sufficiently to eliminate the need for humidifiers. Finally, controlling ventilation generally improves indoor comfort.

CAUTION: If your home has combustion heating appliances—hot-water heaters, fireplaces, or heating systems fired by gas, oil, wood, or propane—they must be provided with adequate air for safe use. While most fairly airtight homes have sufficient air for this purpose, some heating systems do not. If you make your house more airtight, it may be necessary to pipe air directly to the room in which the heating unit is located.

Keeping your family warm on an icy winter day or night is a high priority —it affects both comfort and health, especially in those who are elderly. If the heat goes out in the dead of winter, do all you can to keep the warm air inside and the cold air out? But before going to extreme lengths, make a few simple heating checks. Sometimes the heat goes off merely because a switch has been accidentally flipped off, the heating thermostat needs adjustment, or a circuit breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown.

1. First check the heating thermostat temperature and time settings. Push the temperature setting 8 to 10 degrees above room temperature-, the heat should come on within 5 minutes. Check the circuit breaker and fuse box. If a breaker has tripped, reset it. If a fuse has blown, replace it with one of the same amperage. If the breaker trips or the fuse burns out again, the system may have a short circuit; call a repairman. Follow the other heating system checks described below. If the heat doesn't come on, call a heating and furnace repairman
If there is no heat:

1. Adjust heating thermostat. Make sure emergency switch on heating system or by cellar door is on. Check fuse or circuit breaker box; reset tripped breaker or replace blown fuse.
2. If heating system burns oil, check oil level. If tank has no gauge, dip a long clean stick into filler pipe, if possible; remove stick, and look for oil mark on it to check level of oil
3. If you have a warm-air system, turn off power and check fan belt. Reseal belt if it has slipped off shaft; replace it, if broken. If motor runs noisily, bearings may be worn; call a repairman.
4. Hot-water system may contain too much air. With pump running, open vent on each radiator or convector (some systems have single purge valve on boiler). When water spurts, close vent.

For your Chicago heating furnace repair appointment call us 24/7 at our local number:

773 932-0078